Thursday, January 29, 2009

House trilogy

(Apologies for the lack of posting lately. I've been sick with the flu, and hurt my back shoveling snow. The next day im walking to work and hurt my knees on the dreadful black ice not the best week im having i know. )

Never knew much about house, still don't claim to know much about house but i find myself being more and more engulfed in it's mighty power to make you want to dance! DJ Lokee provides the goods from a live recording submitted in 3 parts so your getting a little over 3 hours of nothing but classics,rarities,smooth edits, and clean blends. While it would take way to long to cover all the material in the mixes i will write about my favorite segment of mix which was part 1 although parts 2, and 3 were very close behind. I probably chose part in in all honesty because i was familiar with more of the music on it and liked how they were incorporated into the mix.

The blending on part 1 is butter, and almost feels like one whole song if you don't listen closely. Even then it's still hard to pick up on lokees mixing during segments at times, the musical build up is insane. Me and my boy were literally in the car listening to this mix and kept saying "oh shit, oh shittt" as each song came up getting us more hype. A perfect example of this "oh shit" extravaganza is when "lisa lisa-let the beat hit em" came on and then blended into "black science orchestras-new jersey deep" we nearly lost our marbles . By the time "Block Parties-africanism" hit with "Bohannons-lets start the dance" i forgot i was grooving for the past 55 minutes. All the mixes are very consistent though and high recommended. Lokee was kind enough as well to provide the playlist for those interested i posted them below with the download links enjoy!!

p.s. (to lokee im still upset the track with the lyrics "deep inside of me" didn't make the cut that night or make it to any other mixes lol.)
Pt 1
Black Ivory- Mainline
Chris Cuevas- Hip Hop
Lisa Lisa- Let The Beat Hit Em
Black Science Orchestra- New Jersey Deep
Johnny Hammond- Los Conquistadors Chocolates
Lil Louis- Club Lonely
Atmosfear- Motivation
Bobby Konders- Nervous Acid
Danny Teneglia- Bottom Heavy
Junior Vasquez- X
Tyree- Acid Crash
Maw/Tito- Ran Kan Kan
New Hippie Movement- The Rhythm
Jasper St Co.- God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Africanism- Block Party
Bohannon- Lets Start The Dance
House Society- Feel Me
Cassanova's Revenge- Banji Dance
Black Traxx- My Mind is Crazy
Sandy B- Make The World Go Round
River Ocean- Love & Happiness

Pt 2
Joe Roberts- Back In My Life
South St Player- Who Keeps Changing Your Mind
Afro-Cube- Muevete Mama
Fiasco- Las Mujeres
Benji Candelario- C-Room
Joey Negro- What Happened To The Music
Peech Boys- Stay With Me
45 King- Mary
Trey Lorenz- Photograph of Mary
Mike Dunn-
Liberty City- Some Lovin
Funky Green Dogs- Reach For Me
Pal Joey- Runaway
M&M- So Deep So Good
Uncanny Alliance- I Got My Education
Body 2 Body- Lets Get Intimate
45 King- Dance Dance Dance
Black Riot- A Day In The Life
Taken- Over You
First Choice- Let No Man Put Asunder
Earth People- Reach Up To Mars
Mariah Carey- Anytime You Need a Friend
Stories in Dub- Melody & Harmony
Roxy- Love To Do It

LNR- Work It To The Bone
Might Dub Katz- Magic Carpet Ride
Eddie Amador- House Music
Bjork- Violently Happy
Nomad- Devotion
Sylvester- On and On
Jasper Street Co.- A Feeling
Earth People- Dance
doubplussgood- conga te
night crawllers- push the feeling
sagat- fuk dat
cajmere & Dajae- brighter days

Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation
Joey Negro- Love Hangover
Jamie Foxx- I Don't Need It
Barbara Tucker- I Get Lifted
Sounds of Blackness- I Believe
Vernessa Mitchell- Higher
M People- Movin' On Up

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