Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stones throw attacks from the heart

Stones throw has always been one of my favorite indie labels, there consistent with dropping releases and have a variety of artist with diffrent styles. I was surprised to see the collaboration with Omar Rodriguez Lopez from the Mars Volta. But on the other side of the table there new artist Mayer Hawthorne really is hitting the buzz with his soulful releases.

Having caught the eye of Mark Ronson, and being selected in Giles Peterson's best of 2008, whats more impressive to me about Hawthornes releases is that he He wrote, played, recorded and sang his own songs. When I first listened to the tracks i thought there were old soul cuts from the late 60's just re-edited by a producer but later found out they were a refreshing sound of fresh new soul. While "Just ain't gonna work out" is the main single that is being bumped i prefer his other single more "When I said Goodbye". The vibe to the song is just more emotionally grabbing to me when i listen to it, and there is almost a influential vibe i get of smokey robinson, and Leroy Hutson. I'm curious to see what lies ahead in a full album if you purchased the limited 1,000 copies of the 7 inch it actually is in the shape of a heart pretty cool huh ?

Mayer Hawthorne & The County-Just Aint Gonna Work Out

Mayer Hawthorne & The County-When I said Goodbye

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