Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To those of you that woke up at 3am approx. the same time i wake up to get ready for work to go to DC today, you're all very insane but i applaud you all for taking the hectic haul for the inauguration. Today did feel special though, still crazy to think what all has happened and how far things have progressed with time.

I'm proud i got to witness history today and it does make me feel proud being an African American and seeing what not only blacks are capable of but minorities as a whole and being able to see people connect together as one without getting carried away.

When listening to Curtis Mayfields track i think it's a good representation of today and shows how powerful his lyrics reign on a memorable moment like the one we got all experience. Jay-Z's remix also gets a honorable spot as he rips it like always (thanks lok) .

" My president is black/in fact hes half white/So even in a racist mind hes half right/So if you got a racist mind its alright/ My president is black but his house is all white/Rosa Park sat so Martin Luther can walk/Martin Luther walked so Barrack Obama can run/Barrack Obama ran so all the children can fly/so imma spread my wings YOU CAN MEET IN THE SKY/"

Jay Z-My President is Black
Curtis Mayfield-We the People who are Darker than Blue

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